If Your UC Is Really Under Control, Bowel Urgency Shouldn't Be Greatly Impacting Your Life

Bowel urgency is a common symptom of UC.*

83% of people with ulcerative colitis reported experiencing bowel urgency

83% of people with UC reported experiencing urgency

In a study, 50% of people with ulcerative colitis said they experienced bowel urgency at least once a day

In a study, 50% of people with UC said they experienced bowel urgency at least once a day

Some people with UC can still have bowel urgency even when their other symptoms, such as stool frequency and rectal bleeding, have improved.

In a study of people with UC:

39% of those who reported a normal number of daily bowel movements still had urgency

39% of those who reported a normal number of daily bowel movements still had urgency

35% of those who had no rectal bleeding still had bowel urgency

35% of those who had no rectal bleeding still had urgency

*Studies conducted in multiple countries.
Study conducted in Japan.

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Not an actual patient.


Sometimes, my UC makes me feel like I've hit the pause button on my life. Because of bowel urgency, I've had to sacrifice the little things I love, like a jog in the park, brunch with friends, or spontaneous road trips."


Planning Around Bowel Urgency Caused By UC Can Be Emotionally Exhausting

Bowel urgency may cause you to worry about when you may suddenly need to use the bathroom

The unpredictability of bowel urgency may lead to ongoing worry over when urgency may strike and if you'll be able to make it to the bathroom in time. Despite planning and preparing for the worst when it comes to bowel urgency, the fear of having an accident can take away any feelings of control over your UC.

Studies conducted in Spain and the UK.

Bowel urgency caused by UC can have a big impact on how you live your life§||

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Bowel urgency is one of the most disruptive symptoms for many people with UC. In a study where people responded that their UC symptoms impact their daily life, 90% of them felt that bowel urgency was the most disruptive symptom.§

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Bowel urgency may lead to feelings of fear, panic, or embarrassment. It can cause you to say no to plans, give up activities you love, or even avoid going out altogether. You may try to manage living with symptoms like bowel urgency by mapping bathrooms, restricting food, or carrying a change of clothes.||#

§Study conducted in Spain.
||Studies assessed patients with inflammatory bowel disease, including patients with ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.
Patients were asked to rank how disruptive the most common symptoms of UC were, including rectal bleeding, stool frequency, and bowel urgency.
#Study conducted in multiple countries.

In a survey, bowel urgency was one of the top 2 symptoms** people with UC would most like to improve with treatment.


"UC has really interfered with my confidence at work and in my relationships. I’m too embarrassed to talk to my friends or family about my bowel urgency. I feel like I'm struggling in silence."

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Not an actual patient.

Study conducted in Spain.
**The second symptom people indicated they wanted to improve the most was diarrhea.


It’s Important to Address Bowel Urgency Because It May Be a Sign That Your UC Is Still Active and Getting Worse

Bowel urgency is one way your gut lets you know that your UC is not in control

Bowel urgency can be caused by inflammation, the root of damage in UC. Over time, if your UC and symptoms such as bowel urgency stay uncontrolled, it could negatively affect your health and could increase your risk of hospitalization and surgery. Lack of control over your UC symptoms—including bowel urgency and the inflammation that causes it—can impact the long-term success of your gut health.

Study conducted in Japan.

Bowel urgency can seem like a normal part of living with UC, but it doesn’t have to.

Your UC and bowel urgency can impact how spontaneous you can be and making plans with others.

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If you're missing out on doing things you enjoy with others due to bowel urgency, it may be time to discuss the impact of your UC with your doctor.

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