Talking about your ulcerative colitis (UC) symptoms, like bowel urgency, is an important first step.

If you have trouble talking about urgency, you’re not alone. In a study, 60% of patients who weren’t comfortable talking about bowel urgency with their doctor said they were too embarrassed.

What’s your urgency story?

Try answering the questions below to help you tell your urgency story.

1. On a scale of 1 to 5, how disruptive is bowel urgency to your daily life?

2. What feelings does bowel urgency bring up for you? (Can select more than one)


3. What areas of your life are most impacted by bowel urgency? (Can select more than one)

Areas of your life most affected:

4. I will not let UC take away my __________. (Please select one)

Talk Urgency Tips to get the most out of your next doctor’s visit

  • Track your UC symptoms: Take note of how many times a day you experience your UC symptoms like urgency.
  • The more details, the better: Talk about how your UC symptoms may impact you socially, professionally, or intimately.
  • Be open and honest: If you’ve had a bowel urgency accident in the past, it may be helpful to share that story with your doctor.

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Take the Let’s Talk Urgency Pledge

The next time I see my doctor, I will talk about my urgency and how UC impacts my life.